Nicole’s Story

No one wants to go back to 1864. It seemed like a horrible time for most of us, so why did legislators take us back in time? How do we prevent this from happening again? In 2022, the New York Times published my essay, “My Abortion at 11 Wasn’t a Choice, It Was My Life.” As more women share their abortion stories, the stigma of abortion falls away. Abortion is a difficult subject matter because it is drenched in partisan politics, when the truth is that it’s a healthcare procedure that patients and providers should be the ones making decisions about, not the government. What does it mean to lose the right to bodily autonomy? Abortion is not only health care, but also a shared experience for many women across the country. The word ‘abortion’ isn’t whispered anymore. By telling our stories, we can make our laws future-bound.

Emma’s Story

As a 19-year-old, pregnant and scared, it felt like I had lost all my freedom. Medical abortion allowed me to end my pregnancy safely with the support of my family. Numerous stories like mine result in fatal consequences – I was lucky to receive my medication on the last day that it was legal for me to do so. Refusing access to safe abortions is a deadly decision. Protecting reproductive freedom and access to abortion is essential in Arizona. The fight for safe, accessible, and self-determined abortion will never end for me, and your support is crucial.

Joanna’s Story

As a veteran, my priorities have been fighting for this country, which also includes my family. At 23, with three children under 5, I sought a tubal ligation and my husband sought a vasectomy, but military doctors believed we were too young to make such permanent decisions, so they denied us. Post 9/11 and with deployment looming, I found myself pregnant again but this time we knew there was no way we could afford an additional child. So I made the decision to terminate the pregnancy in order to serve my country and provide for my three children. Upon my return from deployment, I became pregnant which unfortunately resulted in an eptopic pregnancy forcing me to get another abortion. These two healthcare decisions allowed me to be the best mother I could be to my three amazing children, while also continuing to serve my country as a Marine and protect my own health. Most importantly, these were my decisions to make, with my husband and with my doctors. My story is a testament to the various ways women come to the decision to have an abortion. Arizona politicians have been playing games with women’s reproductive freedom for far too long, and it is dangerous. I fought for rights and freedom around the world, and I am proud to stand here with you today to fight for the rights and freedoms of women in Arizona. It is the right thing to do.

Xenia’s Story

For Xenia and her family, the exciting and joyful time of a new pregnancy has been tarnished by fear and anger at abortion restrictions that threaten her health and safety. The Arizona for Abortion Access Act will give families like Xenia’s the relief of knowing their health is in the hands of medical professionals, not politicians.

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